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Thermopak Burners

Key Features  

Integral Primary and Secondary Pumps

Slow speed pumps are completely submerged in a reservoir of heated oil. Positive burner restart is assured even after long periods of shut down.

Voluvalve Oil Metering System

The Voluvalve delivers a linear flow of precisely metered oil to the burner atomizer throughout the entire firing range. The system automatically compensates for variations in oil temperature, viscosity, and pressure. Voluvalve oil metering combined with Vortex combustion air control produces a consistently efficient fuel / air ratio, reduced excess air firing and low flue gas O2.

Firing Rate Limiting

Maximum fuel input is actually restricted to the safe and efficient design rating of the burner and boiler. Voluvalve metering accuracy permits burner selection in increments of 5 gph.

Firing Rate Dial

This provides an at-a-glance indication of fuel input. It also permits effective boiler base loading during heavy loads and accurate, anti-short cycling adjustments during light loads.

Multistage Oil Atomization System

Thermopak burners use three stages of atomization. First, oil is sent through a pressure tip. It is then jettisoned out onto a high-speed rotating distributor head where it is shattered into equal-sized droplets. The final stage uses high velocity annular air to blast a controlled volume of high static pressure air directly into the oil. Even the heaviest fuel oil is reduced to microscopic particles without the use of power-consuming, maintenance prone air compressors.

Self Cleaning, Clog-Free Atomizer

The atomizer is large ported and is cooled and purged of any oil residue after each firing cycle.

Self Cleaning Igniter

A premix type gas/electric pilot burner produces a hotter, more stable flame while using only 1/2 cubic feet of natural gas per burner light-off. For maximum reliability, it is air-jet cooled and cleaned during the entire firing cycle.

Safe and Rugged

Thermopak burners feature a heavy cast iron, multi-ported, circular firing ring. For added protection during oil firing, the ring is imbedded in refractory and kept clean and cool by a barrier of air.

Fuel Changeover

Alternate fuel firing requires the mere positioning of an electric switch. Automatic changeover is available when required.

All Thermopak burners are forced draft, heavy cast construction, and will deliver a consistently high efficiency with a significantly lower electrical consumption. Burner selection is dictated by the type of fuel oil to be fired with the essential differences being in the oil pumping, preparation, and metering systems.  Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation developed the Thermopak line of burners to handle any fuel oil grade with strong reliability. Thermopak burners are built with quality craftsmanship which provide the longest burner life spans in the world.